CB Masters Academy Full 2018 Review & $1,000 Bonus

If you’re planning to buy CB Masters Academy, I have some seriously important MUST KNOW information about this course and the person behind it, so spend 5 minutes if your time on this article to make an educated decision for your hard earned money!

Before I dive into this review, let me give you a quick outline of what you’re about to find out in this review:

  • Is the content and delivery quality of this course good?
  • How does CB Masters Academy work?
  • Is it easy to implement CB Masters Academy strategies?
  • What’s inside CB Masters Academy?
  • How to claim your $1,000 CB Masters Academy bonus?
  • My final verdict on CB Masters Academy after 2 months of use


So let’s talk about the content quality…

This is the first thing I care about in every affiliate marketing course I purchase and since I’m reviewing CB Masters Academy, this will be the first thing I’ll review.

I generally divide this into 2 segments, details quality and delivery quality.


Details Quality:

CB Masters Academy is known for its detailed instructions and it gets a 10/10 for this one. The program is known for its Click-by-Click instructions.

You will see everything as it happens. There is no “do this or that” in the program. Training is done with the example, meaning that you’ll learn everything as Sean Bagheri builds a LIVE campaign in front of you and earns commission from it.


Delivery Quality:

Delivery is another great feature of CB Masters Academy. The course itself is divided to easy to follow and understand segments but more importantly, it’s organized in the right order.

I’ve purchased so many affiliate marketing courses that were terrible at the content order, meaning that lessons were being delivered in the wrong order, making it hard to follow and implement.

Fortenently, CB Masters Academy doesn’t have this problem and get’s a 10/10 for delivery quality.

In addition to that, you’ll access the program on Aversity platform, which is fast and gives you additional options like earning massive commissions, up to $4,000 per sale!

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How Does CB Masters Academy Work?

CB Masters Academy training will teach you to build 1 to 5-page websites that will dominate an affiliate promotion by proving extra value and content to potential buyers.

The full strategy is much more complicated than this but here are some basics:

  • CB Masters Academy will teach you that each product has a different promotion strategy
  • After that, it’ll teach you the details of every possible and profitable strategy
  • Then, it’ll teach you how to figure out what strategy to use for each product
  • Finally, it’ll teach all of these strategies with an example in detail, click-by-click

Here’s a fun fact:

CB Masters Academy founder, Sean Bagheri was one of the biggest Clickbank affiliates for over 2 years, earning over $850,000 in commissions until he found his own multi-level marketing company, the Aversity Inc.


Is It Easy to Implement These Strategies?

The answer is yes and no, here’s what I mean:

CB Masters Academy isn’t a one button money making system (as mentioned in here), so if you’re planning to be lazy, I recommend a lottery ticket instead of this course. But if you can promise yourself that you’ll work a little bit to put some time and effort on this, you’ll get results like this:

The screenshot above is my latest snapshot of sales on Clickbank. As you see, I’ve had $600 weeks too, that’s more than what I make on my current job!

Keep in mind that my results aren’t that crazy yet since I’m new to this program but if I can do it with some minimal effort, I’m sure you can do it too.


What’s Inside CB Masters Academy?

Looking inside CB Masters Academy will tell you why this program is the best affiliate marketing course you can find. I have a dedicated page for what’s inside CB Masters Academy but I’m going to give you a quick outline here.

CB Masters Academy program has 8 core modules (I will go into the details of each) and an elite module (module 9) where you get the latest updates and strategies to improve your campaign.

The coaching and update that come with CB Masters Academy are the top reasons I believe this course is the best affiliate marketing training you can get on the internet.

A screenshot of CB Masters Academy’s module 5 and 6 inside members’ area. Please visit the “what’s inside CBMA” page to see all modules.


How To Claim Your $1,000 CB Masters Academy Bonus?

In addition to 3 bonus courses that you get inside CB Masters Academy, I’m planning to give you some additional bonuses to help you along the way.

but why I’m giving you $1,000 worth of bonuses?

There are 2 reasons for that. First one is that I’m going to get a small affiliate commission if you decide to join CB Masters Academy.

The second reason is that I made my first commission with what I learned in this program. It made me feel great after struggling for almost 5 months and I’m sure it can do the same for you.

By default, you get 3 commissions from Sean himself when you join which I’m not going to talk about but you can learn about them by clicking the link below but here are my own personal bonuses for you:


1-on-1 Skype coaching with me ($500 Value)

I’ve been a member for the past 6 months and know the ins and outs of this program. I have over 20 successful sites built with CBMA strategies and know how to make it work. If you decided to join, I’ll personally coach you 1-on-1 and help you build your first site and earn your first commission!


My own CB Masters Academy training videos ($250 Value)

I’ve created a series of 15 videos where I share examples and strategies that can be added to CB Masters Academy campaigns to get more traffic, sales, and conversions. You will get instant access to these advanced training videos if you join today.


My Bing Advertising Training Course ($250 Value)

I spend over $100 a day in Bing advertising and make $300 in profit every day. Bing search engine is a great place to get sales as an affiliate. In this course, I’ll teach you how I dominate Bing advertising and how you can get started with a small budget and build your business up from there.

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My Final Verdict on CB Masters Academy After 2 Months of Use

I strongly believe this course is a great course and give it a 5-star rating for the reasons below:

  • Detailed click by click training (never seen a training this detailed anywhere else)
  • Private coaching and 24/7 support
  • You learn multiple strategies and methods used by super affiliates
  • Delivery is clear and organized which makes it easy to understand and implement
  • They have a community where you can contact other members and ask questions
  • They constantly update the course with latest proven methods
  • Public coaching and weekly training videos for all members
  • Informative and valuable live webinars every 2 weeks

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