My name is John and on this blog, I will review and share my experience with all affiliate marketing courses that I buy and use, especially CB Masters Academy. CB Masters Academy is a Clickbank affiliate training course where you learn to make money from Clickbank using different strategies based on the product you choose to promote.

I learned the step by step process to generate passive income from affiliate marketing using CB Masters Academy and in this blog, I want to share my experience, the good and bad of it with you.

I’m also planning to review more Clickbank courses in future on my blog to help affiliate marketers grow their business. I recommend you to check out all pages that I’ve linked in the header of my blog to learn more about this amazing program.

In my blog, I will share what’s inside CB Masters Academy, more details about the training you get inside and how effective it is. I’m also planning to give away a bonus training that will help you to get faster results with CB Masters Academy.

I believe the course itself is complete and enough but I think more information from a newbie like me who are just getting started to earn some commission will also help you get results with this program faster.

If you want to read my CB Masters Academy review, click here.

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Don’t forget to contact me if you have any questions about CB Masters Academy or any courses that I review on my blog. I’m going to leave my contact information here so you can get in touch with me whenever you need to.