CB Masters Academy Bonus

CB Masters Academy by itself is a great training for affiliate marketers and Clickbank newbies but I want to ensure your success when you join this program.

Because of that, I’m going to give you a $1,000 bonus training when you register for it using my link. So allow me to explain what is this special bonus and how can you access it.


What is inside my $1,000 CB Masters Academy bonus:

First, let’s talk about the 3 bonus courses that are included when you join:


Bonus Course #1: The Solo Ads Expert Course

Solo ads are one of the best and fastest ways to get traffic, sales and build a list. In this bonus course, you’ll learn all about them, how to get the most out of every campaign you run and ways to optimize them and take them to the next level.

This course is my favorite bonus course because this was how I was able to generate 8 sales in a single day. I made $352 that day and I spent only $55 for solo ads.

Solo ads are used by super affiliates and experts all the time because they work and they’re the easiest way to get sales. What this course will teach you is how to actually make money with them because there are hundreds of providers claiming “amazing results” and won’t get you a single sale. Also, the content of your solo ads is important too. In this course, you’ll learn everything in detail and you’ll see how Sean makes money with them LIVE on screen.


Bonus Course #2: The 7 Touch Funnel

This course will take your email marketing campaigns and efforts to the next level by introducing you to a revolutionary email marketing strategy.

This is how I manage to keep my email list fresh and how I get 50% of my daily sales. This amazing course will teach you a 7 step email marketing strategy that converts free leads to buyers in 7 days.

I’m a big fan of email marketing and this course was a great bonus from Sean. This course was also updated with the latest strategies in the previous update which tells me that Sean himself is still using and perfecting the formula.


Bonus Course #3: The Niche Blogging Success

This program is another way to make Clickbank commissions as an affiliate. In this program, Sean will teach his niche blogging strategy, basically creating special small blogs that will make you commissions day and night.

I like this course because it’s easy to implement like the CB Masters Academy and these special blogs can be created in a very short time, even a couple of hours if you’re fast.

You don’t need to know anything about blogging, servers, copywriting or even sales since everything is explain in a very understandable and clear format in this course.


Now, let’s talk about bonuses that you’ll get from me when you join CB Masters Academy:

1-on-1 Skype coaching with me ($500 Value)

I’ve been a member for the past 6 months and know the ins and outs of this program. I have over 20 successful sites built with CBMA strategies and know how to make it work. If you decided to join, I’ll personally coach you 1-on-1 and help you build your first site and earn your first commission!


My own CB Masters Academy training videos ($250 Value)

I’ve created a series of 15 videos where I share examples and strategies that can be added to CB Masters Academy campaigns to get more traffic, sales, and conversions. You will get instant access to these advanced training videos if you join today.


My Bing Advertising Training Course ($250 Value)

I spend over $100 a day in Bing advertising and make $300 in profit every day. Bing search engine is a great place to get sales as an affiliate. In this course, I’ll teach you how I dominate Bing advertising and how you can get started with a small budget and build your business up from there.


Ready to claim your bonuses? Click here to join, then fill out the form with your order information to access your bonus!